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Accelerated Timetable

Posted on Thu Jan 9th, 2020 @ 8:16pm by Lieutenant Dante Rawlins V1 & Captain Charlotte Reynolds V1 & Lieutenant Commander Nathan Bishop & Lieutenant Ian Acainus & Lieutenant Caroline Isley & Lieutenant Commander Niamh O'Donoghue V1 & Lieutenant JG Veronica Rios & Ensign Dustin Campbell
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Mission: Episode 2: Inevitable
Location: USS Defiant, Star System 133-05B, Expected Destination of Intergalactic Object
Timeline: 12 Hours Before the Arrival of the Extragalactic Object

Across the image of the planet, a new projection presented itself. A long-range map of the extragalactic objects approach. It's newer, aster approach.

"Based on the new heading, our object is arriving in just under 12 hours, Captain," Lieutenant Rios reported. She'd situated herself at the Operations station, an odd place for her to be given her usual training. But with Thyra still on the surface and their Operations Chief now departed, they were suddenly a little understaffed. "Shall I advise the other ships?"

Captain Reynolds paced around her bridge for a moment. This had certainly escalated things. They now needed to assume a higher readiness, but with their relationships to the other races so tenuous, she didn't want to upset the extremely delicate balance they'd built. "Yes, tell them that we've detected the acceleration and will be planning accordingly. We're going to a defensive readiness, not an offensive one and we recommend they follow suit."

The Diplomatic Officer nodded in reply, activating the comm unit. "Understood, ma'am. I'll relay that now."

Charlotte turned toward tactical. "Speaking of which, Commander Bishop, take us to Yellow Alert. I want shields charged, but not yet raised. Not looking to make a bad impression to our new neighbors. I just don't want to be caught off guard."

Nodding, Bishop replied, "Aye Captain, charging shields and bringing us to Yellow Alert. Phasers are also charged."

"Nothing too aggressive yet. I don't want to spook anyone," Charlotte replied. "Lieutenant Isley, can we pull up a high definition scan of the object. It's getting closer by the second and I'd like to know what it plans to do when it gets here."

"Yes, Captain," the blonde science officer replied. Caroline then hit a few buttons on her console and watched as the scan began to feed results back through the ship's sensors. "Transferring results of the scan to main viewscreen." She looked up to watch it take shape.

On the screen at the head of the bridge, an in-depth breakdown of the approaching object materialized. For the first time, they could see what they were looking at. The object was, in fact, two separate objects. One was a V-shaped device, made of two long spire like structures. This portion was moving substantially faster than the second. It didn’t look occupied but appeared to be an advanced device of some kind.

The second object was shaped to fit between the spires ahead of it, but then fanned put into a wide disk. It was the portion that dwarfed their vessel, appearing to be capable of holding millions of life forms.

Charlotte looked at the screen assessing what they saw. “Department Heads. Analysis?”

Ian was not a science officer and he wasn't sure what he was looking at. He had no sensors or instruments to make an assesment. Scratching his head, he said, "It's unique I can say that much."

Niamh stood quietly at her station. Her interest was clear as she looked from her terminal to view the screen and back again. She wondered what purpose the unusual objects would serve. She imagined the Captains of the other ships would want to conference soon, she was interested to hear what they had determined.

Charlotte assessed the scenery in front of them for a moment, considering their options. The options were admittedly limited. But they did have one thing that could give them a slight additional edge.

She turned to the helm. "Mr. Campbell, set a course for the 5th planet in the star system. Don't start us just yet. But when I give the signal, take us out nice and casual. Maybe 1/2 impulse at most."

Making the proper adjustments to his console Dustin nodded, "Aye, Captain, course laid in, ready to go on your mark," he said, his eyes riveted to the screen before them, his hand frozen on the throttle handle in readiness for her orders.

Her next command was directed back over her shoulder. "Mr. Bishop, signal to the away team that we'll be beaming them back aboard. I want them to have a few moments to sneak away without looking like they're sneaking away."

Bishop gave a succinct "Aye Captain." and contacted the away team of their eminent transport back to the ship so they wouldn't be taken by surprise when it occurred.

"And Lieutenant Acainus, please alert the other ships that we are going for a brief survey of the system. We'll be back in a few hours. We don't want them getting jumpy," Charlotte said, providing her last order.

"Yes ma'am," the Diplomatic Officer said, "I'll be sure to let them know."

He looked a little uncertainly at the communications console, pursed his lips, then remembered the correct protocol, opened hailing frequencies correctly and sent out the message.

As they carried out her orders, she addressed the bridge, leveling with them. "I intend to take us out to the 5th planet, and while we're behind it, we'll engage the cloaking device and return to the site. From our cloak, we'll attempt to approach the object closer. Also, it should protect us in case their intentions are less than friendly. Any objections?"

"None from tactical," Bishop replied. "Weapons are on standby. I would advise caution with the cloak and approaching the object too closely. Their sensors could well detect the cloak. Better to be safe than sorry."

"I have no objection, ma'am," Dustin replied, in fact, to his mind, it sounded like the best idea possible in the current situation.

"No, captain," Isley said, watching the object on her own instruments as she replied. She had no better plan. She wanted to know what this thing was as much as anyone else on the bridge.

The Captain nodded. "Good. And I agree with your word of warning, Nate. We have no idea what this thing might be capable of. I'm just hoping we can get a little more information before we need to act."


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