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Building A Detection Grid

Posted on Tue Jan 10th, 2017 @ 9:18am by Captain Christopher James & Lieutenant Caroline Isley & Ensign Brian Davenport

Mission: Shore Leave: Starbase Arcadia
Location: Sciences Labs, USS Defiant
Timeline: 1400 Hours, Defiant Time

The science labs were abuzz with activity when Commander James entered. As usual, he thought to himself.

Caroline Isley and Brian Davenport were both at work deeper in the lab, and it took Chris a moment to find them. When he finally located them, he raised his voice a little over the noise of one of the scanners in the room. "Lt. Isley, do you think I could borrow the two of you for a little while?"

The rapid escape from the Hydrans in their last mission hadn't left Caroline Isley much time to grab any samples from the ruins on the surface, but the enemy ships' weaponry had provided a lot of data to the ship's sensors. Isley and her staff had been working as much as possible (with some allowance for some rest and recovery) to find out as much they could about the Hydrans' power sources and armament. She and a few officers were hard at work when Commander James entered.

Brushing a hair out of her face, she looked up at the commander. "Of course, sir. What can we do for you?"

Chris leaned against one of the lab panels. "While we're docked here at Arcadia, I wanted to do a little planning for that detection grid we had proposed. I've had several long range emitter beacons sent to the Starbase, and they've just been loaded into cargo bay 3. I'd like to get working on setting them up. Our next mission is going to take us deep into territory where the creature has been known to travel. If there's any chance these work, it'd be good to get them operational."

Caroline nodded. "I've done some preliminary work on getting the frequencies correct and we should be able to modify the emitter beacons. Then we'll just need to work up a way to make them communicate with each other constantly and we'll have the start of our grid."

Brian, not wanting to sound too arrogant responded to the Commander's request, "Sir, I can set up the probes to be in constant communication with each other. I can also program them to triangulate the exact location to anything that they detect within 10 meters. I can start right away and then run some simulations to check their functionality."

"Excellent. You two are on top of things as always," Chris said with a smile. "Well if you need anything, let me know. I think Lt. Hayes can probably help out with whatever technical issues you might face."

Isley raised an eyebrow at Davenport's assertion, not quite sharing his confidence that Science could do this part of the task better than Engineering, but she didn't say anything. "Of course, commander. We will include Lt. Hayes's people in anything we do once we start actually trying to reconfigure the beacons."

James nodded. "Good. I'll leave you two to your work then." He turned and exited the science labs, hoping that the detection grid idea would be successful.

Commander Christopher James
Commanding Officer
USS Defiant

Lieutenant Caroline Isley
Chief Science Officer
USS Defiant

Ensign Brian Davenport
Assistant Chief Science Officer
USS Defiant


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