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Target Practice

Posted on Wed Jan 22nd, 2020 @ 8:14am by Petty Officer 2nd Class Jovani Carter V1 & Lieutenant Commander Nathan Bishop

Mission: Episode 2: Inevitable
Location: USS Defiant - Shooting Range
Timeline: One Day After Home Sweet Home

Jovani had completed his full departmental transfer from SecTac to Flight Control while he had been off-ship with Lieutenant Rawlins, so he no longer had full access to the SecTac sections of the ship. He did, however, still plan to keep himself sharp when it came to the use of phasers. He might be a flyboy now, but he still took the safety and security of his crewmates very seriously and wanted to make sure he kept himself sharp.

Having completed his duty-shift he had gone to his quarters and changed into a more comfortable outfit, shedding his uniform and replacing it with a pair of shorts, some sneakers, and a tank top. Less than half an hour after coming off shift he strode through the doors of the SecTac section for the first time since coming back aboard. Glancing around he saw the man he'd been looking for and strode over.

"Commander Bishop, may I bother you for a few moments, please?" he asked.

Bishop was looking over some data on new security upgrades for the brig when Jovani walked in. "Mr. Carter." He replied pleasantly. "This is a welcome surprise. What can I do for you?"

"I was wondering if I could check out a phaser and get some range time in this afternoon, actually," Jovani replied.

"Are you sure you still know how to use one?" Bishop ribbed good-naturedly. He stood and looked at Jovani, "I think that can be arranged on one condition." He stated, "And that's I come with you and get some target practice of my own in."

Jovani grinned at the other man's good-natured joke, "I think I can figure it out. Seems like it might be like riding a bike..." he replied, and then chuckled, "Then again, I never learned how to do that," he added. "And I'd be glad for the company as well. With you there maybe we should get some rifle practice in as well, though."

Bishop chuckled at Jovanni's reply. He had been saddened that the man had transferred out of security but one had to follow one's heart. He got up and walked to the weapons locker where he checked out two phasers and two rifles. He handed one of each to Jovani. "Let's see how much you still remember."

"Let's do this," Jovani replied, and made his way to the doors to the rang. As they entered he took in the familiar scene and smiled wistfully. It was nice to be back in here. Helm was his passion, and at times he thought back to how he should have pursued it back at the STSA, and the had to remind himself of the fact that he'd been a fine tactical officer, and had enjoyed the experience.

"What would you like to focus on first, sir?" he asked, looking to the other man.

"Oh. Let's save the real fun with the rifles for later. We can start with the phasers first." Bishop replied. "You don't need to sir me when there are just the two of us Mr. Carter. Nathan is fine."

"Sounds good, and in that case, just stick to Jovani.", Jovani replied, and then activated the training program, bringing up the holographic targets at the rear of the room. Raising his phaser, after having set the rifle aside, he tapped the command to activate the program and watched as the targets began to move around. They alternated, sometimes rapidly, growing in size, or shrinking, moving side to side, up and down, and even flying closer to them, as they took aim at them.

"This program alright with you? Or did you have something else in mind?" he asked.

Bishop didn't answer in one fluid motion he had brought his phaser up, sighted and fired in rapid succession at three of the targets. Scoring hits on all of them. "This is fine Jovani."

Jovani gave the other man a joking glare and muttered something about showing off under his breath, and then turned and began firing as well. Within minutes they'd cleared the first three levels of the program, and then it began to get more difficult. By level seven Jovani was sweating from the rapid movement and concentration required to keep up, but he had a huge grin on his face and was loving every second.

Bishop was impressed. Jovanni had done well...quite well and was continuing to do so even as the program became more difficult He saw the grin on the man's sweating face and knew he was enjoying himself. Truth be told Bishop was enjoying himself as well. It had been a long time since he had someone to shoot with and he enjoyed the company even though most saw him as a loner. Thankfully Claire didn't.

Finally, Jovani couldn't keep up anymore, and the system logged it as a failing performance, shutting the simulation down. "Damn," he said, glaring at the area the targets had been at. "I need to get down here more often. I used to get to level twenty, that was only level fifteen," he said, turning to Nathan. "Notice anything you'd drill me on if I was still in red?" he asked.

Bishop turned and looked at Jovani and didn't rush a reply. When he did it was thought out. "You've lost muscle memory Jovani and in that fraction of a second it takes you to correct it adds up as you progress further in the simulation. You're out of practice." He said not unkindly. "However it can be corrected. if you like, I can come here and help you work on getting better...if you like."

Jovani pondered the offer for a few moments, and then nodded, "Honestly, yeah. Just because I'm in flight control now doesn't mean I should let my tactical training go to waste!" he said, excited by the idea of maintaining his practice. "I'll let you know when would be good for me and we can set something up."

Setting down the small hand phaser he turned to the rifle and hefted it. "Now, shall we get back to it? You pick the program this time," he said with a smile.

"Good." Bishop agreed as he picked up his own rifle. " Alright, this is something the twentieth-century law enforcement did. A series of figures will come up; enemies of the Federation and its allies. Don't shoot our allies."

"Sounds good!" he said as he brought his phaser rifle up into position. "Ready when you are," he added.

I'll start" Bishop said as he brought up his own rifle and holding it steady he as a Klingon popped up and then a Romulan followed by a Vulcan

Sighting through the eyepiece he began to scan the area. As he would make out a figure he'd slow just enough to ensure he wasn't looking at a species that was a part of the Federation or one of its allies. Once he'd found a target that was an enemy he took aim. Making sure he had a good match he depressed the trigger and watched as a stream of energized particles screamed across the intervening space and struck the figure, causing it to instantly flash bright green and disappear.

"Good job," Bishop replied as he sighted again. Waiting to see what came into view and it was a Tholian.

Looking out at the field, and focusing his attention on the figures that kept appearing, Jovani took a moment to mutter out of the side of his mouth, "This is fun," he said, and pulled the trigger again, striking yet another of the figures the computer had produced.

A half-hour later the computer stopped, and displayed their respective scores, with Nathan's being higher, though Jovani's wasn't horrible either. As both men put their rifles down Jovani turned, "Thanks for this, I mean it. I needed it more than I think I realized," he said, holding out his hand.

"It was my pleasure, Jovani," Nathan replied honestly shaking the other man's hand in a warm handshake. "You did well and with just a little work, you'll be right back where you were before. Remember my offer stands. whenever you want to come back down here and get some help with your phaser scores just let me know."

"Will do, probably won't be long before you see me back," Jovani replied with a chuckle. "Let's get these put away, and I'll get out of your hair."


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