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The Quack and the Spook.

Posted on Wed Mar 11th, 2020 @ 7:55am by Lieutenant Commander Niamh O'Donoghue V1 & Lieutenant Elijah Locke V1

Mission: Episode 2: Inevitable
Location: Chief Intelligence Officers Office, Deck 9
Timeline: 24 hours Prior to Arrival

Since things had settled from their encounter with the being calling himself Typhon Niamh had been pleased to note her workload had been growing more relaxed. She had to thank Ensign Hartwood for that, her recently acquired assistant who had the qualifications required to cover the most basic therapies giving the Chief the chance to focus more on the more challenging. He had been a godsend and Niamh couldn't have been more relieved at his timing, a small part of her had been worried about burnout given the crew had experienced two major crises since her arrival and seemed set to be managing a third.

The biggest change since Hartwood's arrival had been their daily briefings. Before the only briefings, she attended where the odd departmental brief with Morgan and the DH briefings hosted by the captain. Day-to-day she just got to work. It had been during this mornings briefing that Niamh had been informed of their newest Chief Spook, one Lieutenant Elijah Locke, a fellow brit she'd noted that morning. With little to do until later in the morning, she'd decided to pop down to the new spook's office to introduce herself and remind him that her services where available should he need them.

Standing outside the door she hit the wall-mounted communicator, waiting a moment before speaking, "Lieutenant Locke, it's Lieutenant O'Donghue, got a minute?" she asked before taking a step back and waiting, realising she should have checked he was in first.

Elijah buzzed for his visitor to come on in. He was still in the process of unpacking all his effects for both his Office and his Quarters. His Office containing a few personal decorations, commendations on the wall with a few medals. A set of Andorian Blades, a Romulan trinket he picked up on assignment and an original reproduction of the Orion Colonies on a 4x6 print.

“Come on in.” His gaze at the door.

"Thank you, Lieutenant," Niamh said as she crossed the threshold into Elijah's office proper. She noted his collection and acknowledged how similar it seemed to her own office. The only difference being that Niamh's ornaments and trinkets came from some of the lesser-known and younger members of their Federation. "I had some time and realised I hadn't checked in. So here I am, checking in" she said once she'd neared the desk.

Elijah offered his hand to her. “Elijah Locke, Chief Intelligence Officer and you are?” He paused for a moment. “Ah yes, Niamh O’Donoghue you're the Mission Advisor.”

"Primarily the Chief Counsellor to be exact" Niamh as she shook Elijah's hand. "The mission advisor role only really comes into effect if the mission is people focussed," she said, retrieving her hand and taking a seat. "Settling in okay?" she asked with a smile.

He nodded. “Yes thank you, I’ve never served on a Constitution Class before but the adjustment period is relatively minor.” His Manchester accent was prominent but not thick. “I’m just here to put my experience and expertise to use for the benefit of the Defiant.”

"I can guarantee the Defiant will provide you with ample opportunity, there's never a dull moment" Niamh joked. She thought back to her first days with the crew of the Defiant on Arcadia Station. She hadn't been crew initially but with the help of Redgrave had earned herself her a spot as their counsellor.

"Have you done many tours?" she asked curiously. She honestly had little idea surrounding the way Intel operated.

“A few.” He responded politely. “Most of what I’ve done is undercover or analytical work, I’ve done one or two Starship tours in recent years on the Resolute and the Westminster.” Elijah continued to put a few things on his desk. “What about you Lieutenant?”

"About 50:50 between static and field assignments. I tend to alternate once it's time to move on" Niamh shared, "I specialise in trauma which is what made me such a good fit for the Defiant" she explained.

"Ah, I see." Elijah nodded at her response, he appreciated the need for such things in an ever-changing galactic landscape. "You can see the importance of such things like that. Especially given the infinite number of unknowns lurking throughout the vastness of space."

"Indeed, I have a feeling I'm with the Defiant for the long haul, she has a way of growing on you" Niamh shared sincerely. She truly enjoyed working on Defiant, she finally felt a part of a functioning team.

"That's pleasant to know." Elijah smiled at her. "We all have that need to be wanted and feel part of something." He said sitting back in his seat."

Niamh checked her watch, she'd begun to feel a little bit peckish and if you got to the mess early enough into the shift they'd still be serving a cooked breakfast. She felt she could use a full English, and if she ate now she'd feel like she was rushing less later on between sessions. "You don't fancy heading to the mess and grabbing something to eat, do you? We could make this professional breakfast" she asked, smiling. It was always nice to share a meal with someone else. Food was better with the company.

"Sounds fair to me," Elijah responded to her with a smile as he logged a set of instructions to his Yeoman and the Intel Duty Roster. "I'm told your chef makes a very nice Eggs Benedict".

"They do indeed, I'm more partial to a full English myself with some fried soda bread," Niamh said, her mouth almost watering at the thought of the meal that awaited her. She rose from her seat and made her way towards the door, "shall we?"

Elijah smiled. “After you.” He motioned for her to take the lead and proceed forward.


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