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Emergency Repairs

Posted on Mon Mar 9th, 2020 @ 1:12pm by Captain Charlotte Reynolds V1 & Ensign Claire Lafayette & Lieutenant Commander Niamh O'Donoghue V1 & Lieutenant Elijah Locke V1 & Lieutenant Dante Rawlins V1 & Lieutenant Caroline Isley & Lieutenant JG Connor Burton & Lieutenant JG Morgan Lindsay V1 & Ensign Thyra Sh'shraaqir V1 & Ensign Ethan Edwards

Mission: Episode 2: Inevitable
Location: Deck One, Main Bridge
Timeline: Following "Transfer of Command"

"Deck one," Niamh said once herself and Dante were back in the turbo-lift. Due to the power fluctuations, the turbo-lift network was running in low power mode to prevent injuries should the system stall buying the pair slightly more time than usual to absorb what had just happened. On the list of things the counsellor had anticipated being promoted to First Officer hadn't have been one of them. Truth be told she hadn't even thought to apply for Second Officer once the Seitha's replacement had been assigned. She understood the Captain's logic though, the Defiant was the crew's anchor and with her out of commission, their situation would feel even more hopeless than the catastrophe on the planet had. She would deal with her doubts when she had time. For now, she'd just do her job and support the crew.

Standing beside the woman who was now his superior officer Dante tried to process everything that had happened in such a short amount of time. Niamh was now the ship's first officer, and somehow, with absolutely no warning, he was her second. There had been no signs of any of this, and he honestly had to commend Charlotte for that. She definitely knew how to keep things close to the chest. Looking over to Niamh he smiled, "Quite a day, huh?" he asked.

Understatement of the year Niamh thought to herself. First, the crew had watched a planet's population face near annihilation, then Tython reared his ugly head, they had several independent factions likely beginning to look towards Defiant for answers and to top it all off Niamh was about to tell the crew that their therapist had been promoted to First Officer. She couldn't imagine a more stressful day if she tried.

"Certainly, I feel we have a lot to speak to the Captain about when she returns," She said with a smile that barely reached her eyes.

Dante nodded and turned slightly. "I meant what I said, Niamh, I am very happy to see you get the recognition you deserve. This ship has benefited from your presence in ways you may not even realize. I look forward to working with you in your new capacity," he said. Seconds later the lift slowed to a halt and the doors swished aside, allowing them entry into the bridge. Holding his hand out Dante smiled, "After you, ma'am."

Composing herself Niamh stepped onto the bridge. Although the crew had clearly begun to adjust to their current circumstance there was still an undercurrent of chaos behind their activity. Bracing herself for the attention she was about to draw upon herself Niamh found herself taking shorter than usual steps as she made her way towards the Captain's chair in the centre of the bridge. She had never been in a situation like this, unless you participate in the training of new counsellors there wasn't usually a situation where she would have to address this many people all at once, especially not as a leader. She chastised herself mentally, now was not the time for her to fall prey to her doubts. She let the faces of every single member of the Defiant's crew rush through her mind, reminding herself that she wouldn't be talking to strangers but the people she lived and worked with.

Upon reaching the chair she placed a hand on it's back and allowed herself to lean into the pose somewhat. "I have an announcement to make" the counsellor called out, making sure everybody could hear her clearly, then gave the crew a moment to redirect their attention towards her. After one final look around the bridge to confirm she could speak, she began. "Listen up!" she called out making sure to raise her voice loud enough for the entire bridge to hear. She waited until the crew faced her before beginning.

"Before the Captain departed she elevated me to First Officer and Lieutenant Rawlins to Second," Niamh explained wondering if they found it as absurd as she did. "For the time being I'm in command of the Defiant and will work with you all to get the ship back to a functional shape so we can save the Captain and attempt to escape. At current we're outmatched and vulnerable but not defeated. I know that this is overwhelming but I'm asking you to hold on to your fears and doubts until we're past this. The Captain needs us now more than ever and the best way we can help her is by eradicating the virus and repairing the ship" she said, her nerves forgotten. "So, before I get on to assigning teams does anybody have any questions or concerns?"

Ian stepped away from the second operations station, he'd been trying to learn more about the ship in a practical way. "What is being done to find her?" he asked, "would you like me to try?"

"Her shuttle's transponder will remain active and she has her communicator" Niamh responded after a moments pause, "for now, given what you just experienced try to take it easy. If we lose the signal then you're up" the Irishwoman confirmed. She kept to herself that she reckoned if the Typhon wanted to shroud the Captain from any of the methods Defiant had at their disposal Ian's effort would likely be futile. But she'd give any opportunity the chance, the Captain would if it was one of them.

Ensign Lafayette piped up next. "Um....I can make it my job to watch her communicator signal. I can try and use some of the higher level sensors that are still functioning. Might be able to keep a lock on her life sign, in case we lose the communicator."

Giving that idea a pleased nod Dante turned to Niamh. "That's actually a really good idea. If Claire can keep a lock on her life signs it would take an opportunity away from Typhon."

"It should be doable," Caroline Isley said, a little sorry that she hadn't thought of the idea ahead of Ensign Lafayette. But credit was due to her junior. "I'll help Ensign Lafayette boost what little sensor power we have to keep an eye on the captain's life science. It might take some work jury-rigging the console some. We aren't exactly at peak operating efficiency."

Elijah stood by and observed. "I'm guessing you'll want to use my Tactical and Intel opinion on this matter yes?" He asked as he pondered all the variables in his head.

"I've encountered Typhon before, there is no tactical recourse. He has access to technology 100s of years beyond what the Federation can field. Our only option is to get the Defiant up and running ready for Captain Reynolds return" Niamh responded apologetically, "however, I do have a task you that I believe you might be uniquely suited" she added.

"The cloaking device needs to be deactivated. When the device was installed it was secured behind multiple layers of bulkhead and the only way to enter was via the transport system. Our friend all but admitted that the device was what initiated the virus so we need to shut it down" she explained, perching on the back of Charlotte's chair. "Take Ensign Edwards and Crewman Jovani and shut the device down. I'm permitting the usage of any method that won't put the crew in danger. The bulkheads can be replaced, don't worry about damaging them" she finished hoping she sounded more confident than she felt.

Jovani stood from the helm, motioning for the on-duty backup helmsman to take his place as he approached the group of people he would be working with. He wasn't entirely sure what this was going to entail, but anything he could do to help he would do.

"Yes Ma'am," Elijah responded as he was already halfway off the Bridge followed by the Master Chief and Crewmen.

Amelia nudged Jovani and gave him an encouraging look. "We've got this. don't worry."

"Speaking of the virus", Niamh started again, this time looking to the area Morgan and Thyra occupied. "Doctor Lindsay, Ensign Sh'shraaqir, keep working on getting rid of this virus, any repairs we make to the engines and transporter systems would be in jeopardy of reinfection if we activate them before the virus has been purged" she ordered as she took a few steps closer. "Lieutenant Burton, if you could assist. Your knowledge of Defiant's systems are unparalleled" she added, "same goes regarding method limitations, do whatever you need to without risking the crew" she finished.

"Flattery will get you everywhere." Connor smirked as he began working at his console "Just let me know what you need and when you need it."

Morgan, at the sound of his name, glanced around feeling lost. He'd been pouring through data, trying to smooth out the comparison program he'd cobbled together to fake out the Medical computer. Several times in the last fifteen cycles, it had solemnly informed him that the patient's system showed activity, despite the virus, but brain activity seemed minimal at best.

The computer kept telling him that the Defiant appeared comatose and chances of recovery were grim.

He tried not to snicker at that and it had distracted him from the environment around him. His brain slowly recalled and registered Commander O'Donnaghue's order and he nodded and said, "Aye aye, Commander," before turning his attention back to the computer, then over at the other two. "Any suggestions? In a patient, I'd recommend an anti-body or antibiotic."

Thyra just nodded to the new first officer. She was too focused on her work. Usually she wasn't so interested in upper level politics. The captain most likely knew what she was doing and the crew just needed to trust in that. Right now this little problem had her full attention. She turned to the doctor as he spoken up. "Well, yes, we are approaching this as a patient right? A virus is nothing more than a program, with written codes designed to disturb or damage a running computer program. So the anti biotic or antibody for this virus should be a written program that would counter that. But, what we also good do is a complete purge of all memory bank, this should clear out the virus as well. After that we would need to do a complete reboot of the system." She put her hand on her face as she was deep in thought. "But we don't know enough about this virus"

She then looked to Connor. "Anything to add, Lieutenant?"

"Which brings me to the transporters," Niamh said, rounding on Caroline, "When the Captain left she made sure she'd not be returning with the shuttle, we need transporters up asap so we can grab her when necessary. If you could oversee the repairs that would be brilliant. Ensign Edwards and Crewman Recruit Kel can assist. Anything you need will be yours and permanence of function isn't essential. If we can get it up just enough to get the Captain back I'd call that a win"

Isley nodded. "Understood, commander," the blonde replied. "We will do our best to get them back up as quickly as possible." Isley quickly downloaded the data on the state of the transporters onto her padd and then prepared to leave the bridge. During a damage control situation, everyone had different tasks than usual, and Caroline hoped she was up to this one. She had confidence in her team and failure wasn't an option. They weren't going to leave the captain behind.

"I took an engineering extension course at the Academy, so I'm eager to help in any way that I can," responded Ethan.

"Sounds good, ensign," Isley said. "Let's get moving."

"And finally, there's no point getting all of that operational if we can't escape," Niamh said after turning around and returning to her perch on the back of Charlottes chair; this time she leant on it with her hands though. "Those engines need to be operational, she's going to make Typhon mad and we need as much distance between us as we possibly can. If you could take Lieutenant McConnel with you and get them back up and running we'll have everything we need to make a run for it" she said maintaining eye contact with Dante.

"We'll get it back online one way or another. I can't guarantee it'll be good for the engines in the long run, but we'll have to cross that bridge when we come to it," Dante replied, giving Niamh a soft smile.

"Definitely, I think I have a couple of ideas that could temporarily give us a speed boost too" Alexander added, his mind clearly focussed on processing the ideas that were bouncing around his mind. He may have been a scientist first, but his specialisation complimented engineering well, despite circumstance he was quite excited to play a little with that skill set.

"Do what you must, just don't compromise the ship" Niamh responded before looking around the bridge, "If none of you has questions I'd advise you to make your way to your assignments. We don't know how much time we have before we're needed for an assist so be speedy but cautious. I have no doubt that all of you will come back to me having experienced resounding success" she said, despite her station, it was hard to shake away the traits that made her an effective counsellor. Hopefully, it worked well for the crew, she didn't want to become too authoritative. It would be like losing a part of herself.


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