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(Back Story) Reporting aboard

Posted on Mon Mar 30th, 2020 @ 7:40pm by Captain Charlotte Reynolds V1 & Ensign Piers Drayton

Mission: Episode 2: Inevitable

Ensign Drayton boarded the Defiant, after being verified by security.
His luggage was transported to his quarters, the quarters he will see later.
His first order of business was to report to the captain, then his section chief.
A security guard, an ensign, escorted him to the bridge.

As the turbolift doors opened, the Security Guard gestured toward the doorway across from them. "Captain's Ready Room is just through there. She should be expecting you, so I'd just ring the chime. Anything else I can do to be of service, sir?"

"Nothing else, ensign. Thank you for escorting me here. Carry on." Piers walked towards the ready room, and he heard the lift doors closing behind him.
He stood at the door for a few seconds, taking a few deep breaths to calm his nerves, then he pressed the chime and waited.

“Enter”, Captain Reynolds called from inside the room. Her desk was far from its standard clean self. Instead, she’d dismantled one of the components and the pieces were strewn across the desk. With an insulated spanner in hand, she fidgeted with one of the desks internal mechanisms.

Drayton entered the ready room, walked to the desk, stopped, and stood at attention. "Ensign Piers Drayton, reporting for duty, captain!"

She shook herself from her focus. "Oh, Ensign. My apology. I'd gotten a little consumed with trying to repair this damn holo-emitter. I've been too stubborn to call Engineering to do it, but...I haven't exactly made a ton of progress." She set down the spanner, and rounded to her seat at the half dismantled desktop. "Please, have a seat. How was your journey here?"

Drayton sat on in the chair. "My trip was fine, captain." He looked at the dismantled holo-emitter on her desk. "If I may ask, captain, what is wrong with your holo-emitter?"

“Fair question, I suppose,” she said, gesturing vaguely at the object which had caused such issue for her. “Not entirely sure. It’s been making a low humming noise. I thought I knew which part was loose, but now that I’ve taken it apart, I’m less certain.”

"May I?" He indicated the emitter. When she gave her approval, Drayton stood up and moved closer to the desk. He picked up the spanner and started examining the pieces, and when he was done, he started putting it back together.
It took about 10 minutes, but when he was done, the emitter was working normally again. "Next time captain, ask for help please." He put the spanner back on the desk and returned to the chair.

Charlotte blinked a few times at the remark. “When I need help, I’ll ask for it.” Seeking to change the subject, she leaned back in her chair. “So Mr. Drayton, tell me a little about my new Tactical Officer.”

Judging by the captain's reaction to have her ask for help, Drayton realized he stepped over that imaginary line. "I'm the son of Federation ambassador's. They were assigned to Vulcan, where I spent most of my young life. Being on Vulcan, I grew to embrace logic and I apply it to my daily life. As with all the ambassador's children, I was taught by Federation tutors. I had what I would like to think was a normal childhood, if being a Human raised on Vulcan normal. I was sponsored by a couple of Starfleet officers for the academy, where I did well in my classes. I studied security and tactical courses, and also took some engineering courses, which is why I was able to fix your holo-emitter. My previous assignments I did well and found myself fitting in with the rest of the crew. Then I was assigned here, and I play the piano and the Vulcan harp, captain."

“Quite the background,” the Captain said, as she listened. "Not many tactical officers come with a Diplomatic upbringing. I have to imagine that gives you a unique perspective on the position.”

Drayton nodded. "I think using my diplomatic background should be helpful, especially on away missions involving diplomats from other cultures, ma'am. And something I am looking forward to testing myself."

"A softer touch from the Security Department should be nice for diplomatic situations," Charlotte replied with a nod. She considered the officer for a moment, before speaking again. Her question wasn't necessarily an easy one, but she was curious to see how the officer would reply. "So. If you hoped to get one thing out of your time on Defiant, what would it be?"

He looked at her, as if trying to frame a response. "Experience, captain. I've learned so much while on my other assignments, so I hope to learn something here as well."

"Ah, experience. But experience for what? We collect our experiences for years, but how often do we really think about what they are leading up to. You could gain experience anywhere, except perhaps if you isolate yourself on some moon. Though I imagine you'd find experience there too, just of a different sort," Charlotte said, before seemingly catching herself rambling. "But that's just me getting carried away. I have little doubt you'll find experience aboard my ship, Mr. Drayton. If our past record is any indication, there might be a bit more than any of us would prefer. But I guarantee you, your time on this ship will prep you for any other posting in Starfleet."

"Every situation can teach you experience. What I learned on my other ships may not apply here. But truth be told, ma'am, I'm hoping this is my last posting for my career." Drayton looked at her.

Charlotte gave an amused smile. "You after my chair, Mr. Drayton?"

"Your chair, captain?" He was confused by her question. "No ma'am, command is probably the last thing on my mind. Chief of Security/Tactical, well that's another story." He looked at her. "Security and tactical rarely ever advance to command, ma'am. So I'd be happy where I am."

“Not sure I agree with your assessment on Tactical’s advancement chances. I can think of a few very prominent Captain’s who started where you are. But I think aiming to be the best in your field is an admirable goal. And one that will serve my ship well.” She leaned back in her chair. “Alright. Big question then, which way are the stars supposed to go?” She paused and given his look of confusion, clarified. “In your room. Which way are the stars supposed to go? Left to right or right to left?”

Drayton was surprised by the question. It wasn't something that his other commanding officers said anything about. "Uh...according to my room assignment, it appears that I am going to be berthed on the port side, so the star's would go right to left, captain. But something like that wouldn't bother me anyway, ma'am."

“As long as it won’t bother you,” Charlotte replied, looking off at the stars passing left to right outside her ready room window. “When I first transferred to the USS Cairo, I had been stationed port side. You’d think it wouldn’t be an issue, but I had trouble sleeping for weeks. I somehow felt entirely disoriented by it. Sometimes those little details can really make a place feel like home...or the opposite.”

She sat forward and looked back at the officer in front of her, as a smile spread back across her face. “Regardless, if you’re good, then you’re good. I don’t really have much reason left to hold you. But before you go, any questions you have for me?”

"Maybe you could have had the computer make the windows opaque, that way you wouldn't be able to see the stars go by, ma'am." Drayton nodded. "Other then that, captain, I have nothing else to ask you."

The captain shook her head. “Tried that. Turns out I needed the stars there. It’s the little things...” She stopped musing though. “Regardless, you’re free to go, Mr. Drayton. Feel free to reach out if you need anything.”


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