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Healing Old Wounds

Posted on Wed May 6th, 2020 @ 6:10am by Lieutenant Caroline Isley

Mission: Shore Leave: Starbase Arcadia (S3)
Location: Isley's Quarters

The chance encounter with a crew member with musical curiosities had affected Caroline Isley more than she had realized at the time. No one had talked to her about her music in a very long time. She wasn't even the type of person to say what kind of music she liked to that many people, and the person she had been closest to for a while had never really asked. So she had just assumed that was a part of her life that was going to lay dormant in memories.

But it wasn't. The blonde science officer had found herself reading over the very short composition she had made as a teenager. And then she started making slight tweaks, the first time she had written or thought about writing piano music in a very long time. She had done this mostly in spare moments in her office or quarters. It wasn't a regular activity or even enough to be called a hobby . . . yet.

Caroline wasn't satisfied. She wanted to do the next step. She wanted to play. Starships were big, but even the Defiant didn't offer the space in an officer's quarters for a true pianoforte or grand piano. This left Isley in a quandary. What could she do for an instrument? There was one on the ship in a lounge, but she wasn't quite ready to perform again in a public setting. And she felt too self conscious of her position as a senior officer to sneak in during odd hours.

So she had settled for working with the computer to construct something smaller. It wouldn't sound like a real piano, but it would let her practice her fingering. And that might be a step toward actually going to a piano on the ship. It took her about a week of working off and on with a fabricator and on her modifications to a commercial design she downloaded. But it was finally ready.

Still wearing her uniform, but her hair slightly in a mess, the blonde stood looking over her construction. It was definitely closer to what might once have been called a keyboard than a real piano. It had all the keys in the proper place. She pressed a few randomly and the electronic noise that came out would only have fooled the least discerning ear.

Still, she found herself almost in ecstasy as she started to press the keys with more purpose. Until finally her own song started to emerge.


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