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Sending Off

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Mission: Episode 0: Maiden Voyage
Location: USS Xheng He, Arriving at Starbase Arcadia
Timeline: -

Captain's Log, Final Entry:

The time for my last entry aboard Xheng He has come. With our vessel only minutes away from the new Starbase Arcadia, I've just managed to sneak off bridge long enough to make this. I have to admit, I'll miss this old bucket of bolts. Xheng He might be one of the oldest ships in the fleet, but she has served me well. And she's come through for us in more than a few situations where other vessels would have failed. They say you never forget your first command, and that is almost certainly going to be the case here. However, I know she is in good hands.

Lt. Commander Khumalo has been a fantastic officer and a true friend. She deserves this more than I can express and the crew know it too. I look forward to reading about her exploits.

As for myself, I suppose I'd say I'm a bit nervous. I haven't entirely endeared myself to the top brass the last few years. The Halos incident in particular. I still don't think I was wrong, nor do I regret taking the stand I did. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried it may have played into this transfer. I've barely been in command of Xheng He a year. A transfer at this point could mean I've finally pissed off the wrong admiral. Hopefully, this new command isn't a garbage scow....not that there's anything wrong with garbage scows. I just meant...You know, this log has gone on long enough. Reynolds out.

Charlotte Reynolds exited the her ready room for the last time, her eyes passing over the bare shelves and walls. Her presence had been wiped clean, save for a noticeable dent in the wall opposite the desk. The maintenance crew had mostly fixed it, making it nearly invisible. The padd which she had hurled and caused the dent had faired a bit less well.

As she made her way onto the bridge, the young woman with densely braided black hair rose to face her. Her face fluctuated between excitement and sadness at the departure of her former captain. Melokuhle Khumalo, the ships science officer turned CO. "Captain, arriving at Starbase Arcadia in 2 minutes."

"Thank you, Commander," Charlotte said, taking a step toward the chiar. And then she paused. True, this would be the last chance she got to sit in it, the command chair she'd first become Captain in. But she thought better of it. No, with her final act as Commanding Officer, she wanted to impart her successor with a gift she'd wished someone had granted her. Confidence. "Actually, Commander, why don't you do us the honors?"

The woman's eyes went wide. "Oh uh...are you sure?"

Reynolds nodded with a warm smile. "She's your ship now, Melokuhle. You belong in the chair."

The Lt. Commander stood at attention. "Aye aye, ma'am." With a half-faked strut, she walked her way to the chair, and lowered herself into it. There was a notable moment of hesitation which didn't slip Charlotte's notice. But it passed. "Helm, drop us out of warp a little early. I want to enjoy the view as we come in."

The final flare brought a smile to Charlotte's face. Xheng He was going to be just fine.


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