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Brian Davenport's Physical

Posted on Sat Jan 21st, 2017 @ 10:44pm by Commander Gerald Holmes & Ensign Brian Davenport

Mission: Shore Leave: Starbase Arcadia
Location: USS Defiant - Sickbay
Timeline: Before "Some Much Needed R&R"

Jerry sat at his desk on his computer console reading the service record and medical record of Ensign Brian Davenport, bringing himself up to speed on his medical history before calling him in for his physical, "Dr. Holmes to Ensign Davenport. Please report to sickbay for your physical."

As Brian enters sickbay he started to get butterflies in his stomach. He had no reason to be nervous and had nothing to hide, but there was a reason he didn't become a doctor, he was never comfortable talking about the human body. He wanted to make this quick, "Ensign Davenport reporting for a physical as ordered Lieutenant."

Jerry grabbed his medical tricorder off his desk on his way, walking around it and out of his office. He took the hand held scanner piece out with one hand and pointed to the bio-bed nearest the with the other. Then slung the strap over his shoulder and allowed the medical tricorder to rest on the opposite hip, "Nice to meet you, Ensign. I'm Jerry, the Chief Medical Officer."

Brian responded to the Doctor, "Nice to meet you too, Sir. I guess this will be the first of many physicals in my starship career." Brian hops up on the bio-bed and awaits further orders.

"Indeed it will be. And you can drop the Sir crap around me. Unless some higher ups or political VIP that we have to be professionals in front of are present, Jerry replied as he hovered the scanner over Brian's body and monitored the read out. He added, "Everyone just calls me 'Jerry'."

Brian breaths a breath of relief, finally a superior officer that wants to just be one of the guys! Although, he had to admit to himself, everyone onboard the Defiant was normally very friendly and informal, it wasn't like that at the Academy for the last four years. He responds, "Nice to meet you Jerry!"

"Nice to meet you too. You'll be glad to know that you're in good health," Jerry replied as he prepared the booster hypo and injected it into the Ensign. He then added, "Now to see how fit you are. Lay on your back and kick at those peddles sticking out of the wall."

"No problem Jerry, cardio has always been my favorite!" Brian lays back on the table, places his feet on the paddles, and begins as fast as he could. Who knows? He might even best his own record!

"Good. You're as fit as a fiddle as the saying goes. I would say so far second only to the XO," Jerry replied. He added, "You are fit for duty. If all goes well, see you next year in here."

Brian responds, "Thanks Jerry, I hope to not need your services until then....if I do, then something will have gone wrong! May I return to my shift on the bridge now?"

"Of course. Unless 'Fit for Duty' means something else on your planet," Jerry smirked. He watched as the Ensign nodded while hoping off the bio-bed and left sickbay to resume his duties.

Dr.(Lieutenant) Gerald "Jerry" Holmes
Second Officer/Chief Medical Officer
USS Defiant

Ensign Brian Davenport
Assistant Chief Science Officer
USS Defiant


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