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Deck 6, Room 115a

Posted on Thu Jun 4th, 2020 @ 2:39pm by Lieutenant Commander Niamh O'Donoghue

Mission: Episode 0: Maiden Voyage
Location: Deck 6, Room 115a
Timeline: MD1 (Prior to the arrival of Captain Reynolds)

Deck 6, room 115a was the first area Niamh had helped refit within the USS Defiant. All those years ago, when she was a fresh participant of project arcadia, this had been the first room in which she had succeeded. Wanting to start simple, they decided the first configuration they'd test would a counsellors office. A simple design with an emphasis on comfort and given the furniture used it was a very configurable one. All they had had to do was upgrade the bases of the furniture for compatibility with Niamh's team's maglock system and hoped it would stay put through various environmental simulations.

Despite the odd calibration needed here and there their research had paid off and as a reminder of the successes, they'd left the room in its original configuration through-out the entire refit. Now, post refit, and ready for a crew, Niamh had pulled some strings to ensure the room remained the same; at least until Captain Reynolds said otherwise. She knew she'd have her own spaces around the ship if she needed some personal time, but none of them would feel the same way as the very first she'd finished on a ship she'd helped to build.

Not many Engineers had that.

Today, she'd sequestered herself away to have a private breakfast in preparation for her meeting with Captain Reynolds. Niamh had arrived at Arcadia with the Defiant. She'd decided it made little sense for her to take shore leave and be ferried out by a random cruiser when she could work reduced shifts on Deimos go with the Defiant when it was time. Besides, even though she knew the temporary crew would be capable of the final surveys and maintenance sweeps, Niamh would feel much better about the results if she was present to oversee the work.

They'd arrived a week ago and despite the relative ease of surveys and sweeps Niamh had insisted in a thorough check, almost down to the atomic level. Nothing would go missed, not only was she the Chief Engineer, she was it's First Officer and when Captain Reynolds arrived Niamh wanted to proudly hand the Defiant to her certain that the ship would depart Arcadia in pristine condition. They'd finished yesterday, the process delayed by the incoming wave of Junior Staff and the changing of hands in preparation for their Captain.

Yesterday evening Niamh had hosted a small get together for the Defiant's permanent engineering staff who had so far arrived. She had considered waiting for the Captain to officially take charge of the charge but was aware that she'd be busier than she had been before in her career due to the duality of her role aboard the ship. She'd need to steel moments in the future and she'd no reason not too at the time. It'd been a tame event with most of the staff keen not to make a bad impression with the Commander and Niamh had concluded towards the end that they'd try again once they'd worked together a bit more. She'd let them grow more acquainted with her first.

Today she felt nervous as she ate a simple breakfast of boiled eggs and soldiers which she'd been washing down with a large cup of lady grey tea. That morning she'd rearranged the office so that she faced the porthole. Watching the various workbees zip back and forth through the window helped relaxed her somewhat. It wouldn't be long till the Captain arrived and though she'd be more likely to miss it, she wanted to see if she could get a visual before she met her in the shuttlebay.

The internal comms system trilled as Niamh cleared her the remnants of her breakfast, perfect timing. "Commander, Captain Reynolds is on her final approach" came the voice of the temporary comms officer, Lieutenant Deveraux. Niamh considered that this might be the last time Niamh had a conversation with the officer. Soon the Defiant's permanent senior staff would be here and what remained of the people she'd worked with for so long would be departing for Arcadia. She'd have been sad if it wasn't for the fact she got to remain with Defiant. Nothing felt more right.

Pushing away from her desk Niamh took a few moments to see if she could discern the workbee that held Reynolds but all she could make out were the silhouettes in the cockpits of the handful that passed. So far, if she'd seen the Captain, her most distinguishing feature had been that she looked humanoid. With a roll of her eyes, the engineer quickly left her sanctuary and made way for the shuttlebay, thankful for the turbolift system otherwise she'd have been cutting it close.


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