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A New Challenge, Finally

Posted on Mon Jun 15th, 2020 @ 8:16am by Lieutenant Caroline Isley
Edited on on Tue Jun 16th, 2020 @ 3:27pm

Mission: Episode 0: Maiden Voyage
Location: USS Defiant, Main Science Lab

This was it, a slim blonde woman in a blue miniskirt uniform thought as the door slid open and she stepped inside. It was all hers.

Well, not literally, of course, Caroline Isley thought as she looked around. It was the main science lab of a Federation starship, the USS Defiant specifically. So she didn't own it. But she was now the chief science officer. The entire department was her responsibility and this lab would soon be teeming with personnel who reported directly to her. The thin smile that had been on her face faded a bit as she thought about that.

Caroline had been an assistant chief science officer on several different postings, but that wasn't quite the same thing. Final responsibility was a big step up and there was a large chasm between being the person in charge and even the next highest ranking officer. And her previous assignments had all been starbases. Starships had to be nimble, their science departments reacting to whatever came up as a threat to the ship. Starbases practiced what many scientists and science officers thought of as "real science" -- long-term research, usually unhampered by the danger of a ship blowing up or being accosted by unknown aliens.

Isley walked toward her office. It was nice. Almost as big as the office she had on her last starbase, which was saying something. The Defiant was a big, powerful ship. She considered herself a scientist first, and Starfleet officer second. But she knew that was going to be tested. A starship's science officer had to be willing to sacrifice scientific ideals or methods in the name of saving the ship or obeying its captain. And she expected to be put in a lot more situations on Defiant that called for her Starfleet training. That meant potential combat, cross departmental duty, and even command responsibility.

With a grim look on her face, Isley sat down at the chair and then straightened her tight uniform. She was ready for it, she thought to herself, though with more uncertainty that she wanted to feel. She wanted the prestige that came with starship service and the independence that came with department command. And now she had it.

The blonde ran her fingers across the console, and then logged herself in. She had it, and she intended to excel.


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