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Back in the Saddle

Posted on Fri Jan 27th, 2017 @ 10:02am by Commander Gerald Holmes & Captain Christopher James & Lieutenant Commander Summer Gallagher & Lieutenant Commander Bradley Hayes & Lieutenant Caroline Isley & Lieutenant Surovec & Lieutenant 'Iron Kitty' Ang & Ensign Chloe Young & Ensign Anastasia Harper & Ensign Brian Davenport
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Mission: Episode 2: When the Sword is Once Drawn
Location: Main Conference Room, USS Defiant
Timeline: 1200 Hours, Day After Game Night

Commander James addressed the crew who had gathered in the Conference Room in front of him. They would have a busy few days ahead of them, so he wanted one last meeting to get everyone on the same page.

"Thank you for coming, everyone. I'll keep this as brief as possible. On the pads in front of you, you will see a detailed listing of recent events that have taken place in the Igalla System. Long story short, we're being sent to prevent an armed conflict from erupting into a full scale, interstellar war. And the Klingons and Hydrans will be there to interfere, as well. The logs are all there in front of you, if you'd like to review the information."

Chris gestured to the screen on the opposite wall. "Unfortunately, that isn't the only thing going on. In addition to bringing the Ambassadors on board, we have another crisis. There has been an outbreak of a very virulent plague in the Keladon system. We've been tasked with sending them emergency medical supplies."

Chris continued. "For the shuttle mission, I've assigned Dr. Holmes, Lt. Isley, and Ensign Harper. Doctor, you'll obviously be there to monitor and administer the medical supplies. Ensign Harper, you'll be going to deal with any potential diplomatic issues that arise on that mission. Lt. Isley, unfortunately, this mission will require you to wear heavy hazmat suits. I'll need you to monitor the suits."

"Obviously," Jerry repeated as a statement rather than a question considering the assignment was Medical related in nature.

"Yes, sir," Anastasia said as she made notes on her PADD of what she will need for the trip.

He then turned to the rest of the crew. "Ensign Young, I'll need you to act as my Diplomatic Aide for the first few days of the conference, until Ensign Harper returns."

"Aye sir," Chloe said. She wondered what the diplomatic aide does.

"Summer, I'd like you and Ensign Ang to set up secure quarters for the envoys. It would be ideal if they could be in separate regions of the ship, with security teams stationed at each. We'll have a total of 4 delegations that I am aware of: a group of Federation Ambassadors, Lenaran Envoys, Drenh Envoys, and for some reason the Arkonians."

The executive officer made a note and nodded. "Aye sir. I will also have their dossiers delivered to all senior staff."

"Not a prrrrblem captain," returned Ang.

"Ensigns Surovec and Davenport, I'd like you to modify the systems in those quarters to act as closed loops. I don't want them having access to our computer information, if I can avoid it."

Surovec nodded her head. Of course, she knew rewiring any sort of electrical system is going to have some sort of issues along the way. The trick of was to make sure not to place the wiring into the wrong slot. As for programing and loop into the any system was to have some sort of back door. The Tellarite Ops chief remained silent once she had an idea as to how to go about the Captain's plan.

Brian responded, "Not a problem Sir, I can set up a small computer system for each room, ensuring that they will not be able to cause mischief with the Defiant's main computer."

"Excellent," Commander James said. "Finally, Lt. Hayes. I'd like you and Lt. Ang to come up with a list of locations on the ship that most need security presence in case anything goes awry. We don't need to leave ourselves open to sabotage."

"Aye, makes sense," said Bradley in acknowledgement.

Ang nodded her head to the captain's orders

"I have no questions, Commander," Chloe said.

Ang shook her head on the question

Surovec was in thought as she stated her reply "Nien, mein captain"

"No, sir," Bradley said as he began to stand.

"If that's all, then you are all dismissed. Make whatever final arrangements you need before we launch." Chris bowed his head to the crew, and waited until they had almost all left before speaking again. "Summer, can I speak with you for a minute?"

Summer nodded and stepped clear of the flow to stand and wait.

"It's become abundantly clear that there are several forces trying to work this conflict in their favor. I'd like as much information on that as possible. There are a few worlds we'll be passing that have regular visitation from the Lenarans and the Drenh. I have a shuttle cleared for your use during the entirety of this conference. As Chief Intelligence Officer, I give you full range to investigate whatever leads you may find. I'll provide resources as able." Chris handed her a pad lasting 3 star systems that could be intelligence hotspots: Psi Edega II, Paxin, Omicron Vena.

Summer took the PADD with a nod. "Thank you sir. I will get started on this immediately. "

"Thank you, Commander. Let me know of any major developments," Chris said, then turned and they both exited the room.

Commander Christopher James
Commanding Officer
USS Defiant

Lt. Commander Summer Gallagher
Executive Officer
USS Defiant

Dr.(Lieutenant) Gerald "Jerry" Holmes
Second Officer/Chief Medical Officer
USS Defiant

Lieutenant Caroline Isley
Chief Science Officer
USS Defiant

Lieutenant Bradley Hayes
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Defiant

Ensign Anastasia Harper
Chief Diplomatic Officer
USS Defiant

Ensign Surovec
Chief of Operations
USS Defiant

Ensign Ang
Chief Sec/Tact Officer
USS Defiant

Ensign Brian Davenport
Assistant Chief Science Officer
USS Defiant

Ensign Chloe Young
Chief Strategic Operations Officer
USS Defiant


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