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Prepping the Quarters

Posted on Tue Jan 31st, 2017 @ 7:00am by Lieutenant Surovec & Ensign Brian Davenport
Edited on on Tue Jan 31st, 2017 @ 9:02am

Mission: Episode 2: When the Sword is Once Drawn
Location: Envoys Quarters, USS Defiant
Timeline: Prior to Launch

After the meeting with the Captain, Brian decides to pay Ensign Surovec a visit to discuss the plans to set independent computer systems for their arriving guests. He tells Surovec, "I believe that the computers can be set up easily enough. We need to requisition individual CPUs from the quartermaster and configure the computers with whatever software and data that the parties might need. I figure we can wire the units up in the closets in each quarters and connect them to screens on desks. We will have to run the wires under the deck plates, but it shouldn't be a difficult task."

The Tellarite ops chief arched her brow at the idea as she moved her right hand to her chin to dwell upon the CPU into closest "Aye, we could, but, computers produce a wee bit of heat. Placing them in a closest would hide them, sure, but, if there is no air flow for them. The damn things burn out or worse."

Brian asks the Tellarite, "So what would be the solution the heat problem, how can we keep the CPUs cooled?"

"A good way to keep those wee devils CPUs is air flow. However, there is another way, using Coolant like Antifreeze that cycle through the CPU. As for the air flow. We could, run a tube in the back of the closest up to the air system. Not sure, about the noise though, some of CPU might make nose"

Brian then asks, "I know we're trying to keep the CPU's cool, but is there a way to insulate them for noise?" He thinks a minute and then asks, "How about insulating the closet doors for noise, would that be a viable option?"

"How about we use egg crates, Brain?" returned Surovec "If I recall, to sound proof a room many people used them. The cone effect egg crates redirects the sound to the source two sound waves cancel each other out. At least in theory"

"I like how you think Surovec, let's go talk to the quartermaster and requisition all the CPU's and materials." Brian says as he gestures to the nearest turbolift.


Ensign Brian Davenport
Assistant Chief Science Officer
USS Defiant

Tag Ensign Surovec
Chief Operations Officer
USS Defiant


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