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The Ambassadors Arrive

Posted on Tue Jan 17th, 2017 @ 3:12pm by Captain Christopher James

Mission: Episode 2: When the Sword is Once Drawn
Location: Docking Port, USS Defiant
Timeline: Prior to Launch

As the docking hatch opened, Commander James found himself surprisingly tense. He had been a Starfleet officer for the better part of a decade and this wasn't his first time dealing with politicians. However, there was a unique tension that came with having the ambassadors housed aboard HIS ship. The pressure was on him in a way it never had been in the past.

An older Vulcan entered through the hatch and turned to greet the Commander. "Commander James, it is agreeable to see you."

"Ambassador Sarek, the pleasure is mine." Chris raised his hand in the customary Vulcan salute. "Live long and prosper."

Sarek raised his own hand. "Peace and long life."

"I trust your voyage to the station went well?" Chris said.

"Yes, Commander. Though the journey from New Vulcan was quite long, I found the voyage excellent for meditation on the issue at hand." The Vulcan gestured to a Denobulan man approaching them. "Allow me to introduce the two of you. Ambassador Ephrix, this is Commander Christopher James of the Defiant. He has been instrumental in gathering aid for the New Vulcan construction effort."

The Denobulan smiled very broadly. Perhaps too broadly, Chris thought. Denobulan facial expressions were always quite extreme compared to other species. "Ah yes, the politically ambitious Captain. Your reputation with the council preceeds you!" In a more hushed tone, the Denobulan continued. "Speaking of which, we should discuss the matter of the Starfleet development contract while we are on board. There have been some developments."

Chris nodded very subtly, scanning the room for eavesdroppers at the same time. He noticed that there were several others approaching and decided that now was a good time to cut off the conversation. The other two seemed to pick up on his intentions. Chris stepped away from the group and took a position at the mouth of the room so he could best address each of the ambassadors.

"Hello, everyone. It's a pleasure to have all of you aboard, albeit for less than ideal reasons. We are currently finalizing your quarters, so I will ask you all to pass the time in our mess hall. The chef has prepared several courses for each of..."

James was cut off by the aggressive interjection of the Tellarite Ambassador, Gurrav. "I do not want to go to this mess hall of yours. I have been traveling for 8 days. I demand that I be given my accommodations at once! And do not give me simple quarters. I want something befitting my position!"

Without changing his tone or even shifting his gaze, Chris responded with similar disrespect. "Then perhaps you should have had the foresight to rest on the way here, Ambassador." Chris added an additional mocking tone to the title. "But I would be happy to modify your accommodations. I believe cargo hold 3 is empty right now. That should be fairly befitting."

The Tellarite's eyes widened and his nostrils flared. He opened his mouth to respond, but Chris spoke over him. "If we are through with the unnecessary outbursts..." The Tellarite remained silent. "...then I will continue. Your quarters will be available as soon as possible. In the meantime, you may leave your luggage here and our security team will transport them to your rooms for you. I hope we can have a safe and productive journey."

The group nodded and a few bowed their heads respectfully before Diplomatic Aide Stroman led them out of the room. Chris turned to the head of the security team. "See to it that the bags are scanned throughly. I realize these are Federation ambassadors, but I don't want to risk anything."

"Yes, sir."

As the security chief walked away, Chris felt that old feeling growing in the back of his mind. Paranoia. He had been very used to it for a long time. While living under his father, he felt it on a nearly constant basis. His time on Romulus hadn't helped matters either. He'd been able to hold it under control for a while, but recently it had been growing in him again. Perhaps it was this expanse, or perhaps it was the shady dealings taking place inside of Starfleet Command right now. In either case, he found himself second guessing everything. Though he wanted to get it under control again, he couldn't help but admit that heightened vigilance on this mission might not be a terrible idea.

He entered the turbolift and stated his destination. "Bridge."

Commander Christopher James
Commanding Officer
USS Defiant


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