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Casting Off

Posted on Mon Feb 6th, 2017 @ 10:51am by Captain Christopher James & Lieutenant Commander Summer Gallagher & Ensign Turol

Mission: Episode 2: When the Sword is Once Drawn
Location: Bridge, USS Defiant
Timeline: 1600 Hours, Defiant Time

The turbolift door opened onto the bridge, abuzz with activity. As Commander James stepped out of the lift, he admitted he was glad to be leaving the station. The relaxation was nice, but he wasn't always the most social person and the festivities aboard the station weren't always his style. He made his way across the bridge to the helm console, where his Vulcan friend was preparing for their departure.

"You look like you're enjoying yourself," Chris said to Turol, poking fun at his friends workaholic attitude.

"Yes, Captain. I find that shore leave is often lacking in mentally stimulating activities. It is agreeable to be returning to the mission." The Vulcan's expression betrayed a hint of anticipation.

Chris patted his friend on the shoulder. "I think I'm feeling the same way."

As he headed back toward his seat, he saw Lt. Commander Gallagher enter the bridge from the lift. "Glad to be getting out of here?"

"Yes Sir." She paused. "No infiltrations this time?" Summer slanted him a smile.

"None that I'm aware of!" Chris said. He pushed the comm button on his chair. "Engineering, we're preparing to depart. How are things down in engineering?"

The voice of the Assistant Engineer came through. "In good shape sir, ready to go to Warp once we're clear of the station."

"Excellent." Chris turned and faced the helm. "Ensign Turol, release all moorings."

The Vulcan had a hint of satisfaction in his expression. "Aye, sir. Releasing Docking Clamps. Retracting Umbilicals. We are floating free."

"Ahead, full thrusters. Let's not hit anything while we're inside the dock." Chris watched as the corridor of the station passed by the viewport. Ahead of them, the main docking bay door opened to allow them into space. The stars became visible beyond the door and before they knew it, the Defiant slid out into the vacuum of space.

The ship angled to line up with its warp trajectory.

"Engineering, I'd like warp 6. Is that doable?" Commander James asked.

"Aye, sir. On your command."

Summer sat at her console, and sighed. "Here we go."

"Alright, Ensign. Take us to Warp." The stars became streaks of light as the Defiant accelerated out of the system.

Commander Christopher James
Commanding Officer
USS Defiant

Lt. Commander Summer Gallagher
Executive Officer/Intelligence officer
USS Defiant


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