Duty Uniforms

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Standard Duty Uniform

Dress Uniforms

The Standard Duty uniform is the outfit that Defiant personal can be found in almost anytime they are on duty. There are 3 available duty uniform variants aboard Defiant: the v-neck variant from 2258, the high neck variants from 2263, and a varient on the older early 2250s style, with rank stripes on the wrists and an older split delta design. In general, the 2263 variant is more standard, since it is the official uniform of the time. However, the others are still perfectly permissible and often preferred, as they have been in circulation for several years.

Mission Jacket

Mission Jacket

The Mission Jacket is a possible accessory which can be added to the Standard Duty Uniform. Though originally intended to be used on away missions, many officers chose to wear them aboard ship as well. Bearing several pockets on the exterior and interior, the mission jacket allows for officers to carry more equipment than the standard uniform. Its pockets also allow for the concealment of certain vital pieces of gear that might be too visible on the utility belt.

Tactical Exo Suits

Tactical Exo Suits

Useful as both an exo suit and a temporary hazmat outfit, the Tactical Exo Suit serves a wide range of purposes. Intentionally built to be flexible and durable, the suit is capable of taking some abuse and still maintaining its airtight seal. The suits parachute also allows it to be used in suborbital drops. Though not as truly protective as a full Hazmat or EVA suit, many crews find that this is more useful than its more cumbersome cousin. The Tactical Exo Suit comes in three colors to denote division.

Starbase Duty Uniform

The Starbase variant of the Standard Duty Uniform is intended to differentiate between starship crew and station crew. The exception to this is the command crew of a vessel docked at the Starbase, who are expected to adopt the station uniform while docked. Because the Commanding Officers are treated as part of the Admiral's extended crew, they are expected to wear a uniform bearing their vessel's patch as well as the station patch. Division is denoted via the same color methodology, on the shoulders and arms. Rank is denoted via pips on the neck.

Excursion Gear

While many away missions do not require more than the standard duty uniform, it is extremely common for Starfleet crews to find themselves in slightly less hospitable climates. For those missions which require a bit more than a jacket, there is a scale of increasingly adaptive gear that is available. The two most common of these are the Flight Suit and Excursion Survival Suit. The Flight Suit is mostly just that, a set of coveralls designed for shuttle flights and brief stays on other planets. With some thermal protections and a waterproof exterior, the suit provides some easy protections. For more hazardous situations or for emergencies, the Survival Suit is available. This suit provides more climate protection as well as more armoring against damage. These suits are also included by default into the vessel's Kelvin pods. There are a varierty of additional outfits available due to climate, ranging from desert gear to winter gear and all climates in between. These outfits are all coded in some way to indicate division.

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