Factions of the Carinae Traverse

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United Federation of Planets-

The UFP is a new and fairly limited addition to the Carinae Traverse. With only a small collection of planetside outposts in the region, the main seat of the UFP's power is Starbase Arcadia, a miniaturized version of the Yorktown class station. Still under construction, the station is intended to eventually house an increased trading, diplomatic, industrial, and eventually naval presence. For now, it is supported by a small fleet of cargo freighters and mining ships, and a few very old Starfleet vessels, each which would have otherwise been decommissioned. Thousands of lightyears from the Federation core and well over a week at high warp away from even the nearest Starbase (itself little more than a border listening post), Arcadia is largely on its own. The newest addition to its force, the mighty Constitution-class USS Defiant, represents an exponential increase in Starfleet's force projection, and its first true forays into becoming a power in the region.

The Klingon Empire-

The perennial rival to the Federation, the Klingon Empire has a very well entrenched presence in the outskirts of the region. Having held varying amounts of territory over the last several, the Klingons are a known quantity, for all the good or ill that includes. In recent decades, they have suffered a handful of setbacks. Numerous conflicts with the Federation, and a prolonged psuedo-war with the Romulans, led to a decreased presences in the Traverse. This loosening of the reigns lead to their largest loss of territory in over a century, losing control of the territories now known as the Hydran Kingdom. As such, the Klingons are on a bit of a back foot in the region. With the Hydran's fortification intensifying and the increased presence of the UFP applying new diplomatic pressures, the Klingons are testier than ever when it comes to the borders of their territory in the Traverse.

The Hydran Kingdoms-

Long a subjugated race under the Klingon Empire, the methane breathing Hydrans have become something of a small, but potent regional power. Once ruled over through use of orbital stations and fairly limited Klingon fleets, the advent of the Hydran navy pushed out the oppressing force with a surprise offensive. Their vessels' odd make up, utilizing the unique Hellbore cannon and squadrons of fighters, were a departure from the standard style of ship-to-ship warfare in the region, and have allowed them to make gains that a faction of their advancement usually could not. As a formerly subjugated race, they are understandably standoffish to other factions in the region. Combine that with their devout religious beliefs and their difference in atmospheric needs, and you have one of the more enigmatic factions in the region.

The Inquisition-

Where the Hydrans are distant, the mysterious "Inquisition" is practically mythical. Many of the races in the region are unsure of exactly who they are, what they want, or where they operate from. They appear to be everywhere and nowhere, hear everything, and gain access to anyone. A handful of black ships have been rumored to have been spotted on occasion, but with no presence on sensors, there is no proof that these exist. Few races are certain they've had contact with them, though many believe the Hydrans have a line of communication.
Starfleet, however, knows them by another name. Having been stationed here long in advance of Project Arcadia or the Carinae Expedition as whole, the elite and secretive operatives of a group known as Section 31 established themselves as a shadowy force in the region, acting as they saw fit to eliminate threats to the Federation. However, long before any upheaval, the Traverse division of S31 had begun to take on a strangely cultish attitude. Building a mythology for themselves, they acted at their own leisure, not only outside the knowledge of Starfleet or the Federation government, but outside of even the purview of Section 31. Though no official record exists, Starfleet Intelligence believes that this group played a roll in the Hydran uprising, which may explain their supposed close ties.
When Admiral Marcus went rogue and led to the (public) disbandment of the shadow organization, the Traverse branch took this as their opportunity to truly go rogue. Severing ties completely with the organization that gave birth to them, the division took their ships and contacts and went fully dark, transforming into the shadowy cabal known as The Inquisition. Their "Inquisitors" still operate at will within the Traverse. Starfleet Command has labeled this organization a top priority threat, and Starfleet Captains are expected to pursue and apprehend these individuals with extreme prejudice.

Cardassian Republic-

A proud people, the Cardassians have worked hard to maintain good standing with the various powers of the Carinae Traverse. Led by the civilian government, they have had made numerous efforts to extend humanitarian aid into the region which has engendered good will with most of the surrounding powers. Their current efforts have focused on trying to establish peaceful relations among their neighbors, seeking a stabilization to local affairs. However, while most powers in the Traverse view their efforts in a positive light, negative sentiment has grown on the home front. With increasing support for more aggressive policies growing among the Cardassian people, the civilian government has more than once found itself at odds with Cardassian Central Command. Many of the regional powers have found their faith in the Cardassian led stabilization efforts shaken.

Tholian Assembly-

Standoffish, xenophobic, and arguably more advanced than the major powers of the Alpha Quadrant, the Tholian Assembly is more interested in conducting their own business than intefering with others. That comes with both positives and negatives for the surrounding powers. On the positive, the Tholians are unlikely to interfere with the business of other races, provided it is outside of what the Tholians view as their territory. On the negative side, what the Tholians term as their territory can change on a whim, depending on what their current objectives are. In practice, most races are able to avoid conflict with them all together. However, when these issues do arise, the Tholians approach them as if the party in question had committed an act of war. The reason for the Tholians interest in the region is not obvious, though Starfleet Intelligence believes there may be temporal anomalies that have attracted their attention.

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